It is really important that any document produced by you or your company reflects your professionalism and attention to detail. Your clients view you and your company though the letters, agreements, or notes of meetings and other documents that your company uses to disseminate information or for communication.

The quality of any document depends on the time you have taken to make sure it is correct in every way. This requires proofreading and attention to all the small factors that go into ensuring your document is if high quality and ready for publication, in whatever format. Proofing is a specific function that goes beyond making sure the words are spelled correctly. Proper use of grammer is crucial, and attention to punctuation, fonts, and formatting are all essential to the production of an error free document. This is a service that IVORY OFFICE SUPPORT offers, that will enhance your reputation and relationship with your clients.


As a professional in your own field of expertise, you may feel that the document you have compiled is suitable for distribution to your clients and correctly reflects your service and company image. However, the unique skills you have do not always provide you with administrative ability, nor the time to sniff out typos and grammer gaffes, or poor punctuation. Proofreading is the last line of defense for quality control in print and online publishing. In order to project the correct image of yourself and your company, it’s important to conduct a thorough proofread of all documents before they are printed for distribution and of all Web pages before they go live.

You need to focus on your core business, and not expend your valuable time and effort in checking for minor typographical errors, review for proper organization, appropriate tone, and grammar, syntax, usage, and style. This is the service that IVORY OFFICE SUPPORT provides.

IVORY OFFICE SUPPORT will ensure that every letter, agreement or contract, meeting Minutes, Web insert and report is completely correct. We make sure that the document design adheres to your established specifications, check page numbering, column alignment, relative fonts, sizes, and other features of standard elements such as headlines, subheadings, captions, and footnotes, check spelling and punctuation, and adjust grammar. In other words, we provide you with the image of a true professional, who provides a top class service, with attention to detail in all aspects of your business.

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