Travel can be as simple as booking flights and hotels, airport transfers and events, or as difficult as becoming bogged down in all the finer details and never being sure if your bookings are secure and confirmed.

IVORY OFFICE SUPPORT will provide you with peace of mind as we undertake your travel arrangements. The following are the first steps towards fulfilling the requirements of your trip:

  • Establish the traveller’s destination
  • Establish departure and return dates
  • Ensure your first choice of airline is used whenever possible (depending on availability, dates and destination), and seating preferences
  • Confirm whether the booking for Economy or Business Class
  • Request the Voyager or airline equivalent contract number for air mile recordal
  • Establish the traveller’s preferred hotel
  • Find out if the traveller requires a hire car or airport transfers (Do you have a corporate agreement with a car rental company?)
  • Is a visa required for the destination country, and what is the turn-around time for this document

Your credit card number will be needed to confirm hotel and car hire bookings, should these not be company bookings.

It is vital that all your travel documents are up-to-date. It is usually required by immigration in most countries that you have a passport with at least six months validity before the expiration date.

Vaccinations required by the destination country should also be attended to timeously and recorded in the document to accompany your passport.

IVORY OFFICE SUPPORT can assist you by ensuring these requirements are all attended to. We will provide you with a full Itinerary, which can include additional information on areas or countries you will be visiting where it is important for you to have some knowledge of the culture and lifestyle. The itinerary will also include confirmation numbers for all the bookings undertaken, such as hotel, car hire, events or conferences.

Your preferred travel agent would be required to provide the correct documentation and ensure that all the travel requirements required are in place. A copy of your passport provided to the travel agent will ensure the correct spelling of your name, so that no difficulties will be encountered during your trip. Since most ticketing is now done through e-ticket, this document will be e-mailed to the traveller, and but also included in the travel pack described above, which IVORY OFFICE SUPPORT would compile for you.

In some instances, pre-book in approximately 12 hours prior to flight departure can be done via the airline website, which would also assist you by saving time and inconvenience at the airport.

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